Bendigo Music and The Northern Folk

Enjoying their Bendigo accommodation

The Northern Folk at Stay Social

We’re a huge fan of the Bendigo music scene and in particular the Bendigo Blues and Roots Music Festival.

When you are choosing dates to come and stay in Bendigo, we recommend you find a gig to enjoy Bendigo music during your stay.

The main Festival is on in November each year, but there are Blues and Roots organised gigs throughout the year. The Blues and Roots website is a great place to find out what’s on. This includes gigs and Bendigo music experiences that aren’t directly part of the festival.

One of our favourite bands who plays at the Festival is The Northern Folk

The Northern Folk are an amazing 11 piece band that will blow your mind when you hear them. You won’t be able to stop yourself from dancing or jigging along. Their music is lively and entertaining – particularly as they swap instruments throughout the gig!

We recently had the pleasure of their company at Stay Social. It was for a special Bendigo music gig where they performed at The Old Church on the Hill and the Strategem Wine Makers Festival. (As a side note, both of these are gems you should definitely check out whilst you’re here!)

The Northern Folk, Stay Social and the Bendigo music scene

The Northern Folk playing at the Old Church on the Hill, as part of their stay in Bendigo. Click for a quick snippet of their great sound!


The Northern Folk had a lot of great words to say about the Blues and Roots Music Festival.

We had a great discussion about how Festival Director Colin Thompson along with the people he’s enlisted to help out, have literally transformed the music scene in Bendigo – putting Bendigo music on the map!

They also shared how everyone in Bendigo is so friendly and they love coming here to play.

We hosted The Northern Folk at Stay Social as part of our sponsorship for the Festival.

More often than not, the band has to camp or sleep in their cars when they travel for gigs. With 11 people to accommodate, it’s far too expensive otherwise.

But camping has it’s challenges, particularly when they are playing multiple gigs over a festival. Lead female singer Georgie is not a fan of camping at all, and you could hear the immense relief in her voice when she shared how much staying at Stay Social meant to her and the band.

The band were more than appreciative.

They said Stay Social is “more homely than our own home”. They loved the shared kitchen and living spaces, facilities, the seven bedrooms and the fact they could all stay there comfortably and easily through one group booking.

The Northern Folk, Stay Social and the Bendigo music scene

Stay Social provides Bendigo accommodation for The Northern Folk

Music is a passion of ours, and we appreciate what musicians provide even though we know they don’t earn very much and often struggle to be able to afford to keep doing what they love doing and what we love listening to. Providing Bendigo accommodation via sponsorship was the least we could do for The Northern Folk.

It was lovely to chat to The Northern Folk and hear what they had to say about band life and playing in Bendigo. As well as great musicians, The Northern Folk are a lovely friendly young group. Enjoy the full recording of their interview here, and make sure you go and see this band play.


We sure hope they come back to play again soon for the sake of everyone’s Bendigo music experience…..

Find out more about what Stay Social has to offer for Bendigo accommodation and book your next stay today.

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