An Interview with Guest Rob Dawes

Guest Rob Dawes enjoying his regular stay at Stay Social

Guest Rob Dawes enjoying his regular stay at Stay Social

We recently caught up with one of our regular Stay Social guests Rob Dawes, to find out why staying at Stay Social works so well for his business travelling needs.

1. Tell us a bit about your job and why you travel to Bendigo?

I choose to live in Adelaide where my partner and my two boys live, but there are limited job opportunities in senior management within the agribusiness sector in Adelaide. This means I travel a lot – over the last 10 years I have generally spent about half my working days interstate.

My previous role was located in Sydney, and I now work for Apiam Animal Health (AAH), who are one of the many highly successful SME’s based in Bendigo.

I spend around 40% of my working time in Bendigo as part of the senior management team within AAH. The business provides veterinary services and animal health products to primary producers and pet owners, with a network of 26 vet clinics and over 100 veterinarians.

2. What is it you like about staying at Stay Social?

Initially I stayed at a motel in town, but the limitations of motels are many in my view if you are staying in the one location a lot. Motel rooms have no real cooking facilities, don’t encourage interaction with other guests to any real extent and all you get is a bedroom.

At Stay Social you effectively have all the facilities you have at home, with full indoor and outdoor cooking facilities, a lounge area, living room along with the privacy of a secure key pad locked bedroom. There is the opportunity to interact with other guests if you choose to, or be as private as you desire.

The facilities are all new, modern and designed and built in an environmentally friendly manner which is an added bonus. I now leave some of my gear in a secure room when I leave each time, saving the hassle of having to cart everything home each trip which is a real help.

Although the veggie garden and chooks are still in their infancy, they will be a great bonus to have some fresh produce in the not too distant future for guests.

3. What surprised you about the place when you first came?

The fact that every detail had been thought out and designed from the ground up with the short stay traveller in mind, with a modern fit out of an old character building.

A few examples are:

• The keyless rooms with keypad locks mean Chris can email you the code prior to arriving so it is really easy to gain access any time of the day or night, but all private rooms are fully secure.

• The bike shed – with 4 bikes for guests to use, and an area to store your own bike as well which suites me as I am a keen cyclist.

• The beds are great – really comfortable and everything is new in the building.

• The veggie garden and chook shed – can’t wait for the fresh eggs when the girls start earning their keep!

4. What’s better about this compared to a standard motel ?

There are lots of differences, some highlights are:

• Our team can stay together and socialise / eat together without having to go out to a restaurant or pub every night

• I can leave some of my gear there in a secure area – saves taking it all away after every stay

• All the cooking equipment and condiments are provided – so it makes cooking at Stay Social a breeze

• Indoor and outdoor entertaining areas have plenty of space

• The overall “warm and inviting” nature of the place.

Stay Social is becoming increasingly popular for mid-week business travellers. For more information and to book your stay visit

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